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Whether you book the Atlantis Lodge, one of our guest cabins or choose a Luna Glamping dome, Range Valley Ranch offers an experience like no other.

The Atlantis Lodge

The Lodge is the newest accommodation at Range Valley Ranch. Featuring a gourmet kitchen, gas fire pit and a loft meeting space, Atlantis Lodge has the capacity to sleep 18 guests. 

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Guest Cabins & Luna Glamping

Range Valley offers five guest cabins that can sleep an additional 8 people. For an even more unique experience, the ranch also offers three Luna Glamping options that can sleep an additional 6 people. Optional meal service provided by a professional chef is available as an add-on for your stay or special event.

Range Valley Ranch Guest Cabin Exterior

Range Valley Ranch Amenities

Gym & Sauna on Site

Dining Services & Bar

Event Support & Concerts


Learn about our options and amenities for events and group visits at Range Valley Ranch.